About Us

About Us

Tatsujin Style is an online store that sells excellent Japanese products. It features traditional crafts made with techniques that have been refined over many years in each region, as well as products made by craftsmen who use precise and delicate techniques. Enjoy our selection of top-quality Japanese products.

What is "Tatsujin"?

"Tatsujin" is a word defined in Japanese as "a person who is proficient in a craft or discipline".
It is a synonym for "master craftsman", "expert" or "virtuoso" and means having superior skills.
"Tatsujin Style" was launched with the hope that people can enjoy a rich life with products made by such excellent "Tatsujin".

Our Mission

Our mission is "to connect the products of Tatsujin (master craftsmen) with global users". We deliver sophisticated products and real information from all over Japan to the world through our online store, Youtube videos of the making process, interviews with Tatsujin , and SNS.
We actually visit all the Tatsujin and craftsmen to share the thoughts and feelings of the makers with you.

Our Policy

Our policy in operating this service is threefold.

  1. Select genuine products
  2. Delivering thoughts and feelings as well
  3. Craftsmen and creator receive a fair profit


1.Select genuine products

Today, there is a huge variety of products online. It is a fact that some of these products are fake or poor quality. At Tatsujin Style, we only sell products that we have actually visited the manufacturing site and evaluated as genuine and  authentic. We also have a Youtube channel with detailed information on the manufacturing process, if you would like to see it.

2.Delivering thoughts and feelings as well

We are not just an online store that sells products. We want to deliver the thoughts and feelings of our craftsmen as well.
Each product in our online store is filled with the thoughts and feelings of its creator. When you use the products, please take a look at the thoughts of the makers as well.

3.Craftsmen and creator receive a fair profit

Japan's traditional craft industry is experiencing a serious decline in the number of makers. One of the reasons for this is a market structure in which the makers do not receive a fair profit for the retail price.
In other words, makers are not making money even though they are making excellent products, so they are not able to hire personnel or make new investments.
Tatsujin Style deals directly with the makers and distributes profits appropriately.
We promise to continue to provide excellent products through a sustainable business model for both makers and consumers.

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